The Inn Safe Corporation

'FREE' Safe/Bailment Agreement
The hotel/resort receives the safes for free and retains a commission for all safes rented out.  Essentially the guest pays an agreed fee per safe used per day and the hotel/resort retains a percentage of all revenue generated each month. The hotel/resort receives the complete system including safes at NO CAPITAL COST.

Occupancy Based Rental

Under this type of agreement, the safes are installed at no cost.  Inn Safe Corp is paid an agreed fee per room occupied per day and the hotel/resort management can then add whatever margin they feel appropriate as their commission. The total fee is then charged only when a room is occupied. This amount can then form a part of the room rate if desired. 

Flat Rate Rental

Under this type of agreement the hotel/resort will pay a flat rate rental fee per safe installed per day. The hotel/resort will then have the choice of whether to charge the guest for usage and keep the revenue collected minus the rental fee or provide the guest with a complimentary in-room safe. 

Rent to Own
Under a rent to own agreement the safes are rented at a flat rate per safe per day for an agreed period. At the end of this time, and providing all revenue due to Inn Safe is paid, ownership of the safes would pass to the property at no additional cost. 

Purchase Options
All of our product range is available for purchase including:

  • Delivery, installation and programming
  • Staff training 
  • Spare parts
  • 2 year warranty


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